Touring Rates

Below is a list of my services and donations. If the request you have is not listed please go to the contacts page, fill out the form and I will get back to you ASAP.

Upon arrival please have your donation ready in a plain white unmarked envelope and placed in clear view without any discussion at the onset of our arrangement.

If we are meeting in public please place the donation in a small gift bag.

Thank you …



PSE Services Available MUST give 4+ hours notice! + $150 (1hr or above)

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Half Hour - $250

One Hour - $400

Ninety Minutes - $600

Two Hours - $800

Three Hours - $1,100

Four Hours - $1,400

Five Hours - $1,600

Six Hours - $1,800

Twelve Hours - $3,000


Please add $100 for any outcall appointments.

This is what your dreams are made of.  A once in a lifetime experience with the one and only Ms. Love.

* Cancellation Policy *

All rendezvous cancelled with less than 24hrs notice must pay 50% of the intended donation. I do take credit cards and it is discretely billed.

Rendezvous cancelled with less than 6hrs notice must pay 100% of the intended donation.

Payment must be within 48 hrs of the terminated date.

By contacting me, you agree to not only respect my time & business, but adhere to my cancellation policy.